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SnowShoe Arrow 14 Canoe
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A Double Blade Canoe That Thinks It’s A Kayak - For One Or Two

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Arrow 14™
Don Deese's Arrow 14
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LOA: 14'   Shape: Shallow Vee
Weight: 19 - 20 lbs.   Keel: Rocker
Beam: 28"   Capacity: 300 lbs.
Stem Height: 15"   Building time: 40-60 hrs est.
Amidship: 10"      
SnowShoe Arrow 14 versus Kayak

Here is a modification of an early Geodesic Design. Actually it is a stretched version of the popular Snowshoe 12. It turned out to be a winner... worthy of a new set of plans. The SnowShoe Arrow is offered for someone looking for a boat that performs like a sea kayak without the weight and complications. It is not an ocean kayak to cruise the Maine coast islands or to perform Eskimo rolls; however, most kayaking is done in more protected waters.

Conditions where a sea kayak will occasionally dip a deck in a moderate chop are met with a different scenario. The Arrow’s relatively high freeboard simply parts the water with reserve buoyancy.

Don Deese of Georgia Straight B.C.,The first builder attributes the surprising greater speed with less effort to the fact that the Arrow draws so little water...2 1/2". It just skims the surface. The boat challenges the heavy kayaks that hang in the garage for being a pain to use, while Don is out in the bay paddling his 19 pound Arrow. By now you’ve probably figured out how the name was derived...the Arrow tracks like it’s on a rail.

An added versatility is derived by the addition of a second thwart. Turn the boat end for end and now it is a comfortable double.

You might be interested in reading Don's letters about the boat in customer comments on this website.

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