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Car-Topper 11 Sailing Rowboat
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A Large, Stable, Rowboat. Ideal fishing for two. Optional Sailing Rig

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Car-Topper 11™
Dr. Leon Leshock's Car-Topper 11 rowing
Plans: $65
Partial Kit: $115
LOA: 11'   Shape: hard chine
Weight: 47 lbs est.   Keel: 6" rocker
Beam: 52½"   Sail Area: 35-50 sq .ft.
Depth: 17"   Capacity: 700 lbs.
Draft: 4"   Building time: 110 hrs est.

The Car-Topper 11™ Dinghy is a great boat for the fisherman; there is room enough for two people and their gear. You can easily see that this is just a stretched model of the nine footer. The vee bottom hull form is a lot more seaworthy than the traditional flat bottom skiff. This is quite a stable boat.

The sailing version is an ideal entry-level dinghy. The hull form is very forgiving; yet provides excellent performance. The added two feet of length and the light weight adds up to some fun sailing. It will be fun to experiment with larger sails using the Jiffy-Sail concept.

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