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Wooden framework braced with Kevlar roving, covered with a tough heat shrink Dacron skin

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Geodesic Airolite Boats combine classic wooden boat building techniques with aircraft substrates to build a remarkably strong yet amazingly light craft. Beyond the sheer innovation of these unique boats is the surprising ease and pleasure with which they are built. See our customer testimonials for more information about the Geodesic Airolite Boat building experience.

Fundamental Materials:

Wooden Framework:
A wooden framework is the foundation for all our boats. There is quite a lot of flexibility in your choice of wood. The longitudinal parts (stringers, gunwales and floorboards) can be milled (cut) from whatever is used to build houses in your area...typically 2 x spruce, fir or hemlock. Forget the 2 x 4 and look at the 2 x 12 they come from older larger trees and are more likely to have straighter grain with fewer knots.
The bent ribs should NOT be Kiln dried. The preferred wood would be Green ash, oak or juniper.

  Dacron heat-shrink fabric:
Dacron fabric is the primary material used to cover our boats. Dacron is a first cousin to sail cloth - except it heat shrinks. It is a super-weight, airplane wing covering type of fabric, used on crop dusters. Depending on the intended use, a second layer of Dacron can easily be applied for added durability and there are alternate finished that can be applied to alter appearance and performance. Please consult our Frequently Asked Questions page for several related topics and see the Optional Materials listed on this page.
  Kevlar Roving Aramid fiber:
Unidirectional high strength Aramid fiber, Kevlar being the most commonly known brand name, is used on nearly all of our boats to provide exceptional tortional ridgity (resistance to length-wise twisting and flex). As you probably know, aramid fibers are exceptionally light weight and tough...think Armor Plate. We are the OEM supplier of either two or five yarn of 1420 denier on 300 ft. spools. If you chose to order a partial kit this will be automatically included when appropriate.
  Structural epoxy:
A one-to-one expoxy mix is used on most wood joints. It is an exceptionally strong, thick adhesive that is fairly easy to apply.
  One-part urethane adhesive:
Another adhesive used in the construction of our boats.
  HEATnBOND (transfer adhesive film):
Essentially this is a thin strip of hot glue that is useful in adhering the skin to the frame edges.
Optional Materials:  
This durable thin iron-on mylar film will add a brilliant finish and increases the durability of your boat. MonoKote is commonly used on model airplanes and it is available in many colors. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.
A lightweight fiberous synthetic material used for many different purposes. Tear & tamper-resistant envelopes, coveralls, and houses wrap(vapor barier) are some of the most common uses. In the Geodesic Boat space we use this to build inexpensive Jiffy-Sails.
  We have recently learned that there is now a pure white Tyvek stock (it no longer bears the giant Tyvek logo) available in up-to 10-foot widths. You can order this material from:
Goodling Outdoor Products

4323 Hope Valley Drive
Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278
  Alternate sealers:
There are many ways to seal the Dacron skin. They include certain varnishes, paints, and plastic coatins. Again, you can learn more about alternate sealer by viewing our Frequently Asked Questions page.
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