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Much of our school-related feedback has come in the form of a short note accompanied by a stack of photos. That being the case we've taken the liberty to share a handful of photos and add a few comments here & there.
Montessori School had elementary student each build a scale model in addition to the fullsize Classic 12
John Aston of D. C. W. Montessori School in Dallas, Texas, celebrates the launch of a Classic 12. Each of his elementary students built their own scale model.
Jason O' Brian runs the Whitehall Jr. exhibit
Under the direction of Clark Smith, a 5th grade teacher in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, students build a Geodesic Boat for the third year in a row as of 1992. Jason O'Brian is the young PR man in the photo.
One very tall looking SnowShoe 14
Frank T. Krutzke of Pueblo, Colorado, oversaw the contruction of this SnowShoe 14 at Park View Elementary.
Phil's fifth graders at work
More of Phil Schmidlin's students, three of his fifth graders from 1997.
Phil's 1999 class hold their SnowShoe Explorer 14 high
Phil's students continue to build great boats. This photo was sent in 1999.
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