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Classic 10 Sailing/Rowing Skiff
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A quote from my son, a professional yacht builder:" Pop, That’s the best boat we have ever had! Absolutely Flawless!"

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Dear Platt,

You have given us a great deal of pleasure! I enclose the pictures of our Classic 10 from molds to launching! I also enclose some notes I made during construction should you be interested in an amateur’s reflections, while putting one of your creations together. The photos show construction of a strong back described in Photo 1 as well as molds. In the Photo 8,"from the bottom" means through keelson, floorboards, etc., from inside.

I also enclose my son Alex’s letter (note) after his first use of the '10 as a dinghy to his Lyman power boat (travelling from) Georgetown to Harpswell to Cliff Island and back over an August weekend - small craft warnings and all. He gave me an estatic run-down of how it behaved - took half hour - and ended with "Why doesn’t everyone have one? He still can’t believe how it tracks, ease of movement against wind and current, ease of carrying on land, sea, car, aboard the Lyman... getting in and out, etc, etc.

Car-topping the Classic 10

Many thanks for your letter to Bob Hicks! (editor of Messing About In Boats) Alex thinks the Ten much more useful and a better all around craft than the fourteen...I’m not sure - the 14 sails so well!!

I would like to repeat: You have made a great difference in our lives.

All the Best,

John Haddon

P.S. Enclosed is a quote from my son:" Pop, That’s the best boat we have ever had! Absolutely Flawless!"

Alex boarding the Classic 10

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