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"We had our grand launching, and it was a great success!"

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Dear Platt,

Summer school is a memory! We had our grand launching and it was a great success!

Televised launching of seve SnowShoe 12s

My viewpoint is that of a teacher who likes boats. I work with adjuncted delinquents and am always searching for ways to gain their inerestes, motivate and develop positive attitudes.

The concept of one boy, one man (a big brother) was terrific. The cooperation from the community, TV, our local newspaper, staff and the court made this the most satifying experience in my twenty some years of teaching!

After a few minor problems, the results pleased everyone. We had several newspaper articles and Toledo News TV converage of the launching!

prelaunch, cameras rolling

Thank you,
George VonWahlde

Mauric Spear Campus, Adrian, Michigan

The fleet before finish coats
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