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"This boat was so much fun to build, I almost wish I didn't have it finished."

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I just finished constructing the RobRoy, and took it out for a test paddle. This boat does everything that I expected it to do. Comparing it to my 16' Hypalon skin on frame kayak, it is very stable, tracks extremely well, and handles like a sports car. I paddled in about 10 knots of wind and the boat tracked well in all points of paddle. I didn't notice any tendency to weathercock, and catching swells was easy because the acceleration is incredible. I will take my GPS with me next time to see that the crusing speed is, but it seems fast.

This boat was so much fun to build, I almost wish I didn't have it finished. (I am estimating my total construction time around 70 hours.) I think that I could easily improve on that time now that I am familiar with the construction technique. I guess I can always do a little tweaking and maybe start another boat.

It is a pleasure,

Jack Grable

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