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SnowShoe 14 Canoe
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"You just can't beat a 26-pound boat when you have to carry her a mile."

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Dear Platt and Bette,

I've just returned from a 22-day, 370-mile trip down the Connecticut River, from Canaan, VT by the Canadian border all the way to Long Island Sound, in my Snowshoe 14. The little craft now has a bit of ductape on a couple of holes and a lot of abrasions, but she handled every kind of water with ease. The damage is more the fault of the skipper than the boat.

You have designed one Hell of a seaworthy craft! I used her in water and wind conditions far beyond her design specs. In fact, you'd probably say I abused her. Rapids, mud banks, 25-knot winds, 3-foot wakes from big cruisers, breaking chop, standing waves, tidal rips - she cut through them all, tossed the water aside, and bobbed over like a cork. In strong tail winds she fairly scooned over the water. I made the last 6 miles in an hour and a half!

Dean Whitlock in his SnowShoe 14

She's a remarkably dry boat, carried a good load of gear, and did it all without complaint. And, when it came to portages, she lived up to her class. You just can't beat a 26-pound boat when you have to carry her a mile. I wouldn't recommend anyone else try this crazy stunt in a skin boat...unless they have more skill in rapids than I do and carry a full roll of duct tape (as I did). But I can't say enough good about the SnowShoe 14.

Thanks so much,
Dean Whitlock
Thetford Center, VT

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