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SnowShoe 16 Canoe
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" handles better than any plastic or aluminum canoe I have ever tried."

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Just thought I would tell you how much I like my Snowshoe 16. I built it as per the plans, except for the seats. I'm a fairly heavy guy (220+ lbs.) and while I usually do kneel when traveling, I built this canoe for fishing, and I do like to sit while fishing. So I built the seats out of 1x1 1/2 ash, half lapped the joints and caned the seats w/ plastic cane from H Perkins (203-389-9501). I think they are the only ones in the US w/ plastic cane. After seeing the flex in the seats (3/8 or so ) when my 160 LB son sits in it I'm glad I went w/ the ash and a bit larger stock size. I also set the keel w/ #4 flat head wood screws. Except for these modifications it is strictly stock, and I think it looks mighty nice, if I do say so.

We just got back from field testing it in the Adirondaks. We took it in 3 carries of the St. Regis chain and camped and fished. After making the same trip many times w/ a Grumman 16' you can imagine how nice the snowshoe was on the carries.

My only negative observation is that it tends to be a bit "tippy" for the first 5 or 10 degrees from vertical, even w/400 lbs. of crew. It does not seem to want to tip any further and all and all is stable after that. I did not try to push it but I hope to try to swamp it some time soon.

Going in we had it loaded with almost 400 lbs. of humans and 125+ lbs. of freight. It handled like a dream. Even w/ just myself in it handles better than any plastic or aluminum canoe I have ever tried. It seems a lot more like a wood/canvas Old Town, except that it sits a lot higher and picks up the wind a bit more. Surprisingly, it is no worse in the wind than the Grumman. Maybe better.

All told a delightful craft, I'm glad I built it, and expect to enjoy it extensively.

Thank you Kim Kolakowski

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