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"My kids are having a ball in their new boat. Boat number two is under construction."

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Dear Platt,

Here's pictures of my #1 Sweet Pea. That's my grandson, Hikaru in it at the Berkeley Aquatic Park - yesterday, first day in the water. He has a standard floatation cushion under him - setting a bit too high, I think. We used a cushion only as a back rest when the adults tried it out.

Grandson, Hikaru paddles Bill McCarthy's Sweet Pea

You'll see I included a rub rail 3/8" x 3/4" half round of oak; a keelson of the same material. One coat of ZipGuard showed no pin holes - I was surprised but added the second coat anyway.

Even with the oak additions the boat only weighs eight pounds - another surprise. I have a second boat about ready to accept the thwart. We'll have a pair of them shortly!

Best Regards,
Bill McCarthy


Dear Platt:

Here's a picture of both of the Sweet Peas I built in use by my wife and grandson, on Bull Lake in NorthEastern California... a couple of days ago actually. Fishing has been good - trout to 16" regularly. We've smoked two batches so far - delicious!

Bill build his second Sweet Pea right after the first

Hope you've had a profitable summer. The canoes are working fine!

Bill McCarthy


Dear Platt:

Thanks for the copy of your new catalog. I'm happy your enterprise is prospering. The whole family was pleasantly surprised to find on page four the picture of our "Sweet Pea" and my grandson in it.

Thanks for thinking of us.

yours truly,
Bill McCarthy

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