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SnowShoe 12 Solo Canoe
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Solo Canoe, Styled After Rushton "Wee Lassie"

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SnowShoe 12™
SnowShoe 12
Plans: $50
Partial Kit: $100
LOA: 11' 8"   Shape: shallow vee
Weight: 13 lbs.   Keel: straight
Beam: 28"   Capacity: 170-190 lbs.
4" WL Beam: 26"   Building time: 30-50 hrs est.
Stem Height: 15"      
Amidship: 10"      

The SnowShoe 12™ is a great first time project. Due to its size it is more like building a model than a real boat.

This is a fast, straight tracking solo canoe with great performance. Keeping the center of gravity low, using a thin foam cusion right on the bottom provides excellent stability. The result is a relaxing ride that requires practically no effort to travel miles with a double blade paddle (an easy to build design is included with the plans).

The prototype of this was featured in a five year museum tour, "Craft Today - Poetry Of The Physical". It is slated for display at the American Craft Museum in New York City.

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