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People really enjoy building their own boats!

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Arrow 14 - This testimonial actually inspired the creation of Arrow 14 plans when Don Deese of Vancouver Islands lengthened a SnowShoe 12. To his delight his efforts yielded a canoe that performs like a kayak.
  Car-Topper 9 - Carl Belling says it was easy to build. He even used 1/4" plywood sides so he could run the boat ashore.  
  Classic 10 - John Hadden shares impressions from his son, Alex, a professional yacht builder.  
  Classic 12 - George VonWahlde coaches seven pairs of "at-risk" youths and Big Brothers to build seven boats.  
  Ebenezer 11 - Chris Mroz tows his boat behind his 35' sailboat. Says he's ready to build another, maybe two.  
  Blivit 13 - Ron Johnson finds his Blivit to be to be a competitive sailer for racing and says that his family prefers it's comfort and stability over their Thistle.  
Nimrod 12 - Walt Keller enjoys fly fishing from his Geodesic Airolite Boat.
RobRoy 14 - Jack Grable really enjoyed building his RobRoy Kayak.
  SnowShoe 12 - Gordon L. Fisher says people comment on it's beauty everywhere he goes.  
  SnowShoe 14 - Dean Whitlock finds his craft to be quite resilient despite his abuse on a 22 mile trip!  
  SnowShoe 14 - Mary Reazor decided not to let her husband help; she built her fourteen-footer all by herself!  
  SnowShoe 16 - Kim Kolakowski uses his craft in the Adirondaks.  
  Sweet Pea - Bill McCarthy wasted no time in buiding his second Sweet Pea.  
  Sweet Pea & Explorer 14 - Two boats built annually by Phil Schmidlin's fifth grade class in Highland, MI.  
  Sweet Pea Mark 2 - Richard Cruser says his kids love their new boat with a second on it's way.  
  Westport Dinghy 8 - First time builder, Gene Nardi, says his boat has given him hours of enjoyment. He includes a complete sequence of photos!  
  Whitehall Jr. - Allen D. Slater shares a few words of thanks and a few simple customizations.  
  For additional comments & photo's that are specific to boats built at school check out our School Projects index.  
Thank you for your interest in lightweight build-at-home boats.
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