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Ebenezer 11 Rowing Skiff
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Hardly anyone could walk by it without saying how beautiful it was.

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Mr. Monfort, I finally finished the Ebenezer 11. A picture is attached, but I will take some better shots and get them to you. I took it on a two week sailing holiday where I towed it behind my 35' sailboat. No problems at all. It tows and rows great. And the comments I received were really surprising. Hardly anyone could walk by it without saying how beautiful it was. Someone on a jet-ski chased me down as I towed it to ask about it.

Chris Mroz' Ebenezer 11

I used some Zebra-wood as accents (oar lock risers, knees, bow detail) and the result was wonderful. I also used bronze fittings, and purchased excellent curved oars (only 2 lb. each). I over-built a little, and the result is 33 lb with two seats.

Having completed one, I am ready to begin another. I'm thinking about the classic 12' as I felt I could use a little more room for the family. Or maybe the 8' to use as a true store-aboard. Probably I'll try both as I want to work out some techniques that I thought of using to reduce the labor a bit. The plywood bottom is really rigid - but as you said up front - a lot of extra work

Best Regards,

Chris Mroz

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